Underground Pipe Repair Methods

In today's progressive world there are a number of methods available to repair underground pipes. Previously, plumbers had to spend hours digging but now with technology as it is, they do not have to dig or excavate pipes so as to enable them to replace or repair them. There are now a number of ‘trenchless’ methods that are cost-efficient and less invasive.

Here’s a quick list for you!

  • Cured-in-Place Piping or CIPP– This trenchless pipe repair method requires the insertion of a fiberglass cloth, polyester tube or any other sustainable material inside a broken pipe. This is accomplished with the assistance of air pressure or water.
  • Pipe Bursting– This pipe repair method involves breaking the damaged pipe from its interior in order to force its fragments out. Once the broken fragments have been removed, a new pipe will be installed as it’s replacement.
  • Slip-Lining– Slip-lining is the perfect repair method for leaking pipes together with pipe stability restoration. This method requires the installation of a PVC, high density polyethylene or a slightly smaller fiberglass reinforced pipe to be placed inside the broken or leaking tube. To help ensure that this new process layer will be leak-free, grout is used and applied on the space between the inner and outer layers of both pipes. Using this process, plumbers are able to work on a whole pipe continuously or, if the ground conditions are difficult, the task can be carried out in segments.
  • Mechanical Spot Repair– This pipe repair method is more suited to fixing the damaged areas on a pipe. Doing so provides the tube renewed stability.

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of information that may well save you some money in the future. If you suspect a broken underground pipe in your property, simply give Central Gold Coast Plumbing a call and we will call by to see what the problem is and what is necessary to remedy same.

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