When it comes to a burst pipe in your home it is generally quite noticeable, BUT when you have a leaking pipe, maybe that is a little harder to notice. Maybe you start to get that ‘damp’ odour smell in the home, but where from?

icon burst pipeWhatever the situation, you need to act fast before the water causes more damage.

Although a burst pipe sounds serious, a leaking pipe can be far worse. Why? With a burst pipe you can see it immediately, shut off the water supply to the house, call your local plumber (Central Plumbing Gold Coast) and immediately commence the water removal process using materials and equipment you already have available in your home.

On the other hand, that leaking pipe is far more subtle and by the time you get a whiff of that dampness odour, there may well have been some significant damage caused already. Because, by the time you detect a damp odour, your leak has been occurring for quite a while and that smell is caused by mould! A bacteria which can grow in your lungs and cause ill health to your family. Depending on the leak, you could have carpet damage, cabinet damage or internal wall damage.

So, the moment you see, hear or smell a leak, call Central Plumbing Gold Coast and minimise the damage.

Our typical services for burst or leaking pipes include;

  • Leaking joint repair
  • Pipe replacement
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Pipe sectional replacement
  • Hot water cylinder repairs
  • Faucet repair or replacement

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